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Why buy from us?

It’s secure...

Often the main problem with buying used parts privately is the security of the sale. We’ve all had it, arranging a meet in a dodgy area with a wad of cash in hand, paying into a random bank account from a classified add and worrying if you’ll even see the part, receiving a part that was advertised as mint but has obviously been down the road a few times, this is where we come in!

Get away from all that and buy in a safe, controlled environment. We give accurate descriptions, clear pictures and safe and secure payment methods, all from the safety of your favourite armchair!

It’s thoroughly checked...

All parts are checked cosmetically and mechanically for their condition and this is all documented in each products description and condition tabs.

See how we examine all of our products in our ‘What we test’ section.

It’s Greener than a Granny Smiths Apple...

We sell preowned parts yes, but are any ready for the scrap heap? Hell no!!!

Our used parts have loads of life left in them and work perfectly. It’s almost a crime to buy new when you can have the same performance and at a fraction of the cost by buying used.

Every new part manufactured has a carbon footprint, this comes from not only the energy used in manufacture, but also from extraction/refining of the raw materials and then the transport which often takes the product half way round the globe.

Keep a clean conscience and save a few coins whilst you’re at it by buying preowned!